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Bigger Profits For Your Online Business With a Light Bulk Wholesale


Have you heard of the term “light bulk wholesaler”? A growing number of small business owners who are into online retailing have discovered that they can boost their profits dramatically if they use a light bulk wholesaler instead of a drop shipper as their supplier. Although it involves more work on their part, the extra profits they make easily compensate for the additional work they have to put in. If you do not mind storing, shelving and delivering the items, you will find that light bulk wholesalers can give you bigger profit margins.

Wholesale prices are much lower than retail prices. They can be 30% lower or even more. As a rule, the bigger the order, the bigger the discount. Big department stores purchase their stocks from wholesalers. However, wholesalers require a minimum order worth thousands of dollars. Such amounts usually exceed the budget of most small business owners.

Fortunately, there are suppliers who can address the needs of small business owners. You can purchase smaller bulks or cases of the wholesale products at discounted prices. Light bulk wholesalers will accept orders worth less than $500 which is usually ideal for small online retail businesses. Although the discount is slightly less than if you were to purchase a bigger bulk, it is enough to give you a substantial profit. Smaller orders are also easier for you to handle and can be stored at home or your office.

The products that you obtain from light bulk wholesalers are brand new. The wholesale, discounted prices allow you to sell your products at competitive prices. As long as you have the storage facilities, you will find it profitable to get your products from light bulk wholesalers.

When can you find a light bulk wholesaler? The internet, of course, is a convenient source of suppliers. Unfortunately, you have no guarantee that the companies you find online are reliable and authentic. The best thing to do is to make use of a wholesale directory like Tradeguide24 to eliminate any doubt about the reliability of the supplier. Refer to Tradeguide24’s list of wholesalers. Many of them are also light bulk wholesalers who will accept minimum orders of $500 or less. By purchasing your products from them you will be able to take advantage of their wholesale prices without spending thousands of dollars on stocks.


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