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Some tips for promoting a wholesale business


All the wholesale businesses after a certain time find means and ways to promote themselves. Online wholesalers also continuously struggle for promotion in order to get a higher rank in the search engines and to increase the business traffic on their websites. Promotion of a wholesale business is not an issue with a heavy amount of expenses but doing so in a cost effective way is important. There are some valuable low cost ways or tips which surely contribute effectively in promoting any wholesale business.

•Referrals promote your business incredibly. Ask for the referrals from your wholesale suppliers from whom you are buying products or services and after a careful purchase give them your business card and ask them to provide you the contact list of some people who are interested to buy from you. Ask them to give your business card to them or you can also give referrals to them in return.

•Attend professional meetings, seminars, trade shows and try to increase your social circle. It will help you to make more people familiarize with your wholesale business. You can distribute your brochures or you can personally give your business cards to your targeted customers in these types of gatherings.

•What ever you sell, print your business name and contact information on the item which you are selling. In this way your items themselves becomes a mean to promote your wholesale business. If you don’t want to display that information you should mark your logo or your business sign on it.

•Continuously conduct the SWOT analysis of your business and identify your competencies to polish them. Prepare yourself to exploit new opportunities in your external environment and minimize the threats which create hurdle in promoting your business.

•Distribute free samples of your bulk products to the targeted retailers or others. They increase your sales even by attracting those people who are not your regular customers. When they use these samples and like them, they tell about it to others and thus they also become your customers.

•You can introduce customer’s rewards program in your wholesale business. Wholesale items are already on discount but you can offer some more special discounts to your regular customers. This helps in retaining your current customers besides increasing your customer loyalty.

•Print your business details in your letter heads or emails in a proper way. If your business is online wholesale business, your letter heads, business cards and emails should have webpage address on them.

•Writing an eye catching press releases or articles grabs the attention of readers. It’s a way of putting your wholesale business information in front of media and your targeted customers. Besides that, wholesalers’ hard work, persistence, their due diligence and devotion increases their sales and helps them to promote their wholesale business. This is true for any other kind of businesses as well. is a global stocklot and wholesale marketplace.


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